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tv   Today  NBC  October 15, 2015 2:07am-3:00am CDT

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how you doin'? from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford, and hoda kotb, live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, yeah, this is good. >> hi, everybody. it's wines day wednesday. it's october 14th. so glad you've joined us for one of hoda's favorite days. >> i love that sam hunt. he plays a song that makes you want to get off the couch a little bit. >> what was that song?
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>> i don't know how she knows every song except for mine. frank sinatra junior is going to be here. this would have been his dad's 100 birthday. hundreds of photos that have never been seen before will be released. >> and we have the cure to get you over the hump day. let's take gypsy. they share their soulful songs. >> plus liliana will be with us. would you like a little words of wisdom? >> yes. em i'm ready. >> when you say yes to others, make sure you're not saying no to yourself. >> what am i always saying to you? >> that, but in a different way. >> he wrote the alchemist. >> sometimes you're such a people pleaser, which i used to be. you outgrow it. >> you do.
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first and foremost, it's to please yourself you have to be self-satisfied. that's so important. >> which makes sense. when we're talking about jennifer lawrence, she wrote a blog post, and it had to do with the amount of money that he got paid for that movie called "silver linings playbook." >> and "american hustle." >> so you're right and she wrote this essay and it turned out that all the male stars in the movie, four of them, were given 9% of the -- >> gross receipts or? >> i think so. and the two women were given 7%. and she was paid, obviously, the two women were paid less than the four men. so the question was, who should she be angry at? and she said she was angry at herself. >> she shouldn't be angry at the guys because they got a better deal. i would be concerned with my agent who allowed it to happen, because they're all big stars. they're all, i would say, equal
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in the marketplace. >> bradley cooper, yeah. >> most people don't have agents, but in, most people do in our business. and that's the person that's posed to be the bad guy that goes in there and fights the fights for you. >> but it's hard if you've ever gone in and asked for a raise because you always feel, number one, oh, my gosh, the economy's terrible. you start off by apologizing, feeling bad. >> my daddy used to tell me, you know what something's worth? and i'd say what? and he said what somebody's willing to buy it for, you have to know your place in the marketplace. >> that's one of the things you're good at. a lot of women in our business i don't think are good at it. you seem to say, this is what i'm worth, this is what i think i deserve. and pay me that. i think for a lot of us, they do it the other way. >> a lot of people feel like they don't have any other
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option, what if someone doesn't hire me any more. you have to have faith in yourself. when i first joined the show with regis, it was called "the morning show." years later we were going to be syndicated by disney. and my agent called me and said great news, disney's going to take the show, national, and i said that's great, but the morning show, we might be on anytime during the day. what are they going to call it, and he goes, the regis philbin show. he's a good guy. i have a problem that you don't have a problem with it. i think both our names should be in the title. i wish everybody all the best, but i'm not going to be on a show like that. my friendship with regis was such that when regis was approached, he said she's absolutely right. we do this together.
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might have, you know, probably your same age would say oh, my gosh, i'm on with regis. call it what you want. >> your joy should be nongoeshlable. and i would have resented it and taken it out on people who didn't deserve it, like regis. it wasn't his decision. >> i was saying, if you take every local co-anchor team around the country, i wonder if you polled them and found out who's making more, i guarantee you with probably the exception of a handful, the man is always making more. >> he might have been at it longer, too. oftentimes they put a younger woman next to the older guy, so she's not going to be able to, you know, ask for the same amount. and then you're making so much money that ultimately, you can't justify your salaries because you don't have the ratings to pour it. >> there's a lot in there, but often we as women don't feel as strong when we go in. and jennifer lawrence had a
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she talked about, i wonder if we can put those back up. when the sony hack happened i found out how much less i was being paid than the lucky people with blank. i didn't get mad at sony, i got mad at myself. i would be lying if i didn't say there was an element of wanting to be liked that influenced my decision to close the deal without a real fight. >> apparently her agent had offered 5 and they held out for 7. >> i didn't want to seem difficult or spoiled. >> and i think all of those things you don't want to be seen as the one who is the pain. you want to be the hard worker. a lot of people just work on the railroad. >> you know who works very, very hard? neither of us were able to go to it? it's our dear friend, louis licari opened up, is it a whole new salon? >> we weren't able to go, but we wanted to give louis a big kiss. >> louis licari, la, la, la, la, la.
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we love him to pieces. the battleground of "the voice" continued last night. on team gwen's side, koda made it. she defeated alex. they sang "it's my life", by no doubt. so koda ended up making it. and then two teenagers performed against each other. >> fiona and yvonne. >> let's listen. why don't you baby you don't really love me but you keep me hangin' on you don't really need me let me be let me be freefiona's in the red. i'm going with fiona.
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>> i'm going with yvonne. >> this battle is fiona. >> congratulations. are' moving on to the knockout. >> there's your steal, gwen stefani. moves it! and there's blake shelton! we've got another steal. >> oh, you're pissed now. >> you're so dumb. >> i pick blake. >> what? >> gwen hit it first and blake just chimed in to harass gwen. >> to our point, she did what she thought was best for her. she had the courage to say, i want him. >> yes, she did. >> good for her.
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best time ever". >> they pranked them. >> they both got dressed up and were told they were going to be christmas ornaments. so matt stepped into what was supposed to be photo booth decked out. >> that's worth it right there before anything happened. >> he got in the booth, got scammed and take a look at what happened. >> as i stepped in next, i was thinking, i'd be home in time for lunch. >> three, two, one. >> okay. cue the alarm. [ alarm ] >> just stay where you are. >> there's like sparks. >> oh, my god.
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>> what is that! what is that? >> oh, my, it looks like some kind of goop flying around. >> i think he handled it very well. >> he certainly did. i didn't see an expletive or hear one. how would you have responded to that? >> i think i might have gotten clause phobic before anything else happened. >> weary celebrating blue eyes. >> and they called the new york new york their home. after this. this episode of "today" all
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one a day men's and women's. now the two hot young artists who are destined to become stars.
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and their new single "the cure", is about to conquer the air waves with the help of elvis. >> first of all, you're a leading story. this is big. you have, you have hit it big. >> what did i do? >> you've been promoted to the top of the show. >> we've never been on this early, guys. well, when you have a music powerhouse like l.a. reed behind you, these guys do. you know they've done something right. we're talking about a voice that hits octaves way up in the sky. usually bring pop music to you today, more of a funky thing. >> you're sporting a man bun. can we see? >> now wait a minute. >> it's glued on. >> no, it's a shell lack. >> what does your family think of the man bun. are they into it?
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>> they're into it. i was already into it, all you man bunners out there. i started this. >> there are many. >> is there a man bun under your hat? >> no. >> what's under there? >> just hair. >> you guys are accomplished singers and worked with mary j. and jay-z? >> we met through a friend of mine. john was a solo artist looking for a producer. we decided instead of doing a producer/artist thing, to do a band. >> you started in church? >> i started in church. >> the first song was "amazing grace." >> how do you sing that? can you give us a little something? >> oh, man, i haven't sang in so long. amazing grace how sweet how sweet the sound >> hallelujah!
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>> that was beautiful. that was beautiful. >> and you're going to sing "the cure" for us? >> they sang it at our st. jude walk over the brooklyn bridge the other day, and the crowd loved them. it's a different type of music. i wanted to freshen it up. >> i'm not always crazy about these people you bring. >> oh, let's be honest about it. >> i won't name names. >> that would have worked. >> as you can tell, they've already had enough wine. >> don't go anywhere. these guys are going to sing for us in a minute. from music newcomers to music legend. frank sinatra. and diy halloween costume, a little pumpkin. look at her telephone your man-cave. you think it smells fine, but your wife smells this... sfx: ding music starts luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics there's febreze fabric refresher
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come fly with me >> not many performers could ever boast of having a nine-decade career. >> the chairman of the board performed on more than 1400 recordings, was awarded 31 gold, one triple platinum album by the america. >> now old blue eyes himself, the legacy lives on not just through his music but through photos with sinatra 100. with the anniversary of his birthright across the river. >> and frank sinatra jr. is here. >> what made you decide to, that this was the right time? i know it's obviously his 100th >> i didn't decide. >> oh, you didn't?
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>> no, that was done by a committee. >> why do you think it was important to do something like this? >> i think you better ask charles. >> we'd been planning frank's centennial for about five years, and we decide at this time it would be great, it's a celebration of his life and career. there are a lot of books coming out, but this one is sanctioned by the family and also in his words. we found a bunch, a treasure trove of tapes that frank had made talking about his life. there are a lot of people that write books that never knew him or never met him, so we tried to match the pictures with the text in the book. >> he's more popular than ever, it seems to me. >> there is no, we always like to say, with frank, there's no generation gap. every generation seems to find him. and he just, is as relevant today as ever. >> in 1964 we have a picture of your dad with quincy jones.
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>> who's a legend himself. >> oh, yes. tell us about that photograph, frank. >> that was taken at a recording studio, appears to be in california. >> yes. >> and bill basie was in the throes of making his second record album with frank sinatra. the orchestrater this time was quincy jones on the left. and you can see quincy was a very young man. >> like a little boy. >> not like the other two. >> here's another one at the love-in benefit. and it shows how philanthropic your dad was, right, frank? >> he was involved in many charitable organizations. that particular one in that photograph is very close to where he lived. in a town called rancho mirage, california. and that's what that was all
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>> your dad is, he liked the camera, too. and here's your dad in the '40s with a camera. was he a photographer himself? >> not really. >> he just liked it. >> that looks like a 16 millimeter movie camera. looks like an old bolex, and he was at that time getting involved in movies, and like so many people who did that sort of thing, he was fascinated by the cinematographery. >> that's one of the photos you wouldn't see anywhere else, because that was taken by frank's mom nancy in hoboken. we also have another book that's $1,000, that frank's grand daughter put together that's a limited edition book. >> we'll throw up the last picture, the family during the holidays as we go to break. tell us a little bit about that one. >> i don't know anything about
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>> i think that's 1962 or 1963. >> the best memories were at holiday time. >> when i was a young person, they referred to it as christmas time. now you have to be politically correct and say holidays. >> i say christmas time.
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white and blue in honor of who! it is wines day wednesday, and we're ready to play "who knew." we're going to find out who's worthy of citizenship.
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ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right. here to help me out in studio is the editor in chief of naughty the reason we have rob here is because he recently passed the test. he's officially a u.s. citizen. [ laughter ] >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> how was it? is it really, really difficult? >> it's the hardest thing i've ever done. they give you a book with 100 questions, they give you the answers, and you have to get six out of ten correct. >> let's see how well they do. >> you are a maniac, rob, that's why we love you. this lady, look how pretty she is, she's from south carolina. what do we call the first ten amendments to the constitution. >> what do we call the first ten amendments to the constitution. do we call them the first ten amendments? [ buzzer ]
2:30 am
really wanted this cd, didn't you? >> i did. i did. >> she wanted it, yay. >> the correct answer is the bill of rights. >> the reason it is not a multiple choice question is because in the test, you don't get multiple choices. you have to know this. so it's the bill of rights. this is a fun little facts. george washington had 14 made up. one for the congress and the other 13 for the original colonies. i got this question wrong. don't feel bad. >> all right, cath, over to you. this gentleman is from tennessee. what is the economic system in the united states? >> um, i don't know. i just want your cd! >> yay! >> it's a good day for kathie lee. so the correct answer is -- >> capitalism. i'm not sure why this question
2:31 am
very important to know this economic system. they ask you whether or not you're a communist. >> they ask that question? >> they do, i'm not. >> what is in, who is in charge of the executive branch of our government? >> the president? [ ding ] >> she's $100 richer. >> that is president obama. >> president obama is in charge. this is a little bit of an odd question, because when you enter to ask these questions, to answer the questions, there's a huge picture of him. if you can't remember, look up. >> from clearwater, florida, the house of representatives have how many voting members? this isn't fair. >> this isn't fair. i would guess 536. [ buzzer ] >> off by 101. it was 435. >> a lot of people think it's 535, because they add in the
2:32 am
senators. there's 100 senators. so that's a little trekick one there. >> did you get that one right? >> i did. >> we have time for one last one. >> from corpus christi, texas, what do we say loyalty to when we say the pledge of allegiance? >> the american flag. [ ding ] >> i've been in america for about 15 years, but i thought it would be a technicality. when i pledged allegiance, i had tears in my eyes. >> did you know the entire pledge? >> no. >> happy apple pie. this is for you. >> why buy when you can diy, this year's halloween costumes with items you have in the house.d's greatest nation, it's your responsibility to solve the world's greatest challenges. this is why we search for the best and brightest. why we train for every eventuality
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it's the mash >> sure you can go to a costume shop and pick out something clever for your kids or can you be a good parent and create something that they'll remember forever. >> we have homemade costumes that will work on you or your kids. it's from "real simple" magazine, stephanie. >> it's stephanie's birthday. >> all right. we'll give you some candy. >> at "real simple", we're all about finding new uses for old things. >> let's bring rowan out. >> we have a rainbow costume. really colorful. you cut the pool noodles in half.
2:35 am
attach them on each end with tape and give her suspenders and cotton batting for the end. >> you want some candy, rowan? do you want candy corn? not really? those are awful. >> nobody wants them. >> you stay right here, baby. >> so this may be my favorite costume yet. you take a red yoga mat and transform it into a british phone booth. >> oh, my gosh! that is so cute. >> all you do is -- >> i can't handle it. >> cut a circle out of center, cut out holes in the front. cover it with sellcellophane and you have your phone booth. >> do you like skittles? oh, yeah, i bet you do. if it' heavy, you can put it down. thank you. >> awesome. so then next --
2:36 am
>> this starts with a purple umbrella to create an octopus costume. >> whoa, whoa. >> look how cute! >> i can't handle what's happening. >> we have stuffed tube socks lined with cotton balls. >> how did you attach it? >> just some glue. overnight and let it dry. >> little cotton balls? how cute. >> you want come candy doll baby? thank you. >> there we go. how about some more. >> this is a good halloween. >> that's a pre-lunch snack for hoda. >> it is. >> and the last costume is probably the ease yis to create. and all you need is an empty oatmeal container and electrical tape. we've painted some bottle caps with paint. >> right towards that guy. there we go. >> awesome.
2:37 am
>> so we painted some bottle caps with gold paint and created strips and attached the bottle cap buttons and the oatmeal container, wrap that in white paper. >> do you want some candy? i bet you do. >> you can go to real liliana takes your pet from bow to wow. and get ready for mid-town
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the city concert series on "today", is proudly presented to you by citi. earlier we met the artists of the month. >> and now it is finally time to listen to them sing. >> i really did like it.
2:41 am
>> they're performing their newest song called "the cure." our lipstick gypsies. >> woo! the world's gone cold, yeah hey guess we're the only ones left tell me it feels so good
2:42 am
say that it won't take the time to figure out i think our love could be the cure to your loneliness i think when uh yeah no limits love is the way oh, no, no, no feels so good never going to end, no, no, no, no
2:43 am
sit there trying to figure out could be the cure for the loneliness i'm stayin' right here i think our love could be the cure i think your love might be the cure feel so good oh, oh, oh, just you and i feels so good oh, oh, oh, hey, think about it now tryin' to figure out
2:44 am
i think your love might be the cure think about it now i think your love might be the cure to the loneliness i'm saying i think your love might be the cure >> yes! woo-netanyahu-netanyahu! >> wait a minute. hold on. >> when they win their gram . >> do you love performing live? >> it's amazing. >> that man bun takes that voice way up a notch. >> this is where most of my vocals coming from.
2:45 am
>> you're not elvis. >> next year we're going to have an album. >> it was so fun hearing you live. >> i'd like to see the ladies in the band. >> thank you all. all the luck. >> and we'll have looks to have your tails waggin'. but first, this is "today", on nbc. >> go. sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini-wheats now there's a new way to stay tru to your health. new trubiotics with immune support advantage. this advanced formula combines probiotics
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hoo hoo ho it's that time when littleliana brings us the latest in pampering your pets.
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>> okay. >> the thing is, pets are the largest growing retail section. we found amazing buys under $25, starting with wag drove. this is like birch box but for your animals. they'll put together a box of an adorable little outfit like this, they start at $25. so if your dog's having a birthday, how cute is that? i can see this on bambino or blake. >> bambino doesn't wear those things. >> yes, that's definitely a blake hat. >> let's talk about doggie treats. this is from a boutique in toronto. they make macaroons for dogs. >> are you kidding? >> no, i had them in my refrigerator. my husband thought they were real. beautiful way to treat your dogs. these are made in dallas, texas.
2:50 am
these are great if you have a dog that sheds or a cat that sheds. you can put these on your couch or your bed or your car. >> they want something to lay on that's soft. >> throw me a bone, ladies. these are fragrance charms. if your doggie smells a little unfresh, you hook these on their collars, they have different scents. >> ooh. >> like a plug-in, you think? >> it's a soft scent. >> subtle. >> they're so cute. little accessories for the dog. >> look at her cute dress. >> what are you doing? >> you're going to love this one. it was also under $100. >> are we going to talk about it. >> we will talk t it. let's do it. >> tomorrow we're going to sit down with rumer willis. then everyone has a story. and we have one you won't want to miss, everybody.
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have an awesome wines day
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